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Take care of your largest organ


Nourish and optimize your skin in a relaxing environment with specialized full-body treatments to help clear blemishes, melt inches, and look and feel your best.


WHAT IT IS: The ultimate detox experience. A purifying, full-body wrap. Your esthetician will apply an oxygenating mud mask infused with essential oils and marine extracts to your body and wrap you up to lock in these nourishing ingredients as you relax.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and clarifies pores. Leaves skin smooth, hydrated and glowing.


60 minutes – $110


Sunlighten infrared sauna session following your wrap to get a better sweat and deeper detox.

Add on a cleansing facial during your wrap for enhanced relaxation.


Hand and Foot Paraffin


WHAT IT IS: An effective treatment to clear acne-prone skin and reduce the appearance of scarring. This skincare-focused process uses light, refreshing exfoliation, gentle extraction, and cleansing wash.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Gives you silky smooth skin and the confidence to go strapless. Clears up hard-to-reach pores, gently removes impurities, and nurtures skin to its natural radiance.


45 minutes – $80


Infrared Sauna BEFORE to detox and relax (not after).


WHAT IT IS: An invigorating full-body wrap using a cream rich in aloe, vitamin B, and cinnamon to help reduce inches.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Firms skin, smooths bumps, and reduces the appearance of cellulite in a snap. Detoxifies and encourages fat cells to shrink. Maximize results with a package of six to reveal the best you, one wrap at a time.


90-minute wrap – $150

Package of 6, 90-minute wraps – $750


30-minute cleansing facial


DO drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water each day at least 1 week prior to receiving first body wrap. Continue this habit forever!


DO ensure that you practice a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet to maintain the inches lost. Avoid processed foods, caffeine, white sugar, and white flour.


DO NOT allow yourself to be wrapped if you: are pregnant or nursing, have had cancer in the past 2 years, have a heart condition (specifically conditions requiring Coumadin), or have epilepsy.


DO NOT use any tanning creams, B vitamins, or niacin containing products at least 2 days prior to your wrap.


DO NOT use any moisturizing lotions or creams the day of your wrap.


DO NOT drink anything for 1 hour before your wrap to ensure you will not need to use the restroom.


DO NOT shave the day of your wrap.


DO NOT shower for 6-8 hours after receiving your Contour Body Wrap.