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Explore other natural modalities with specialized expertise we offer to bring unique alternatives for specific issues, as stand-alone treatments or added to any service.


WHAT IT IS: Warm silicone cups softly suction to the skin, bringing blood to the surface where massage loosens stubbornly tight muscles and releases knots. This treatment leaves visual evidence of its detoxing efficacy: dark round spots fade after a few days. Add this unique treatment to any massage or receive as a stand-alone practice.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Penetrates chronic knots that won’t budge by lifting blood flow to the skin and massaging connective tissues. Nourishes stagnant muscles and encourages relaxation, mobility, detox, and relief from painful tension.


15 minutes – $30 (add-on only)

30 minutes – $65


WHAT IT IS: Laying on your side in a comfortable room, your therapist places a funnel-like paper tube in the ear. A flame is used at the top of the tube, furthest away from the ear to create a vacuum and gently siphon excess earwax from the ear canal. Treatment is performed once on each ear in 30 minutes.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Reduces the build-up of earwax. Delivers relief from a variety of painful conditions that impact your daily life. Provides holistic freedom from sinus pressure, headaches, minor hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo and more.


30 minutes – $40 (1 treatment = 2 candles)


WHAT IT IS: A traditional, holistic Japanese energetic healing practice for non-intrusive care of your overall health and wellness. Your therapist’s hands hover over your body in flowing patterns to guide and move energy.


WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Balances the mind, body and spirit. Sends your energy in the right direction and aligns energetic centers to optimize your health and extend longevity. Releases clogged areas of energy and improves flow and movement for strength and spiritual vibrancy.


30 minutes – $60

30-minute Reiki + 30 minute relaxation massage – $120