Sunlighten Day Spa

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7373 W 107th St, Overland Park, KS 66212

What makes Sunlighten Day Spa special


We want you to feel amazing from the moment you walk through our doors into your wellness retreat and escape from the world. There’s a purpose behind every detail. We’d love to share with you a few that set Sunlighten Day Spa apart and help to create a place that prepares you to go back into the world feeling your best.

Meaningful elements

“Spa” is an acronym from Roman times when battle-weary legionnaires recovered from their wounds and aching bodies at hot mineral springs and baths. They called those healing places aquae and named the treatment there “Sanus Per Aquam” (SPA), meaning “health by or through water.”

Water is woven throughout the design of our spa and facility. It begins as you enter. A waterfall cascades down the wall of our spa lobby, setting the scene through your eyes and ears to prepare your mind and body to receive the rejuvenating benefits of everything you’ll experience during your time with us.

Another wall of water streams down the end of the passageway to the changing and treatment rooms, bathing you visually and audibly in the message that you are here to experience health by and through the time you’ve chosen to spend here.

An embracing space

On your walk to the changing room, you’ll pass the heart of Sunlighten Day Spa: a circle. Its suspended silver metal beads hang from the ceiling like water droplets artfully evoking the feel of a third, silent waterfall, while forming a transparent wall that magically moves and breathes. The symbolism of the circle is a part of who we are. A circle has no hard lines or edges; it’s without hierarchy; inclusive and embracing. Inside a circle you feel as though you’re part of something. It creates community and collaboration, which is what we are here to do with you. A circle contains a flow without beginning or end. There’s a sense of relaxed energy exchange.

Once you’ve changed into your robe and slippers, you’ll come back to the Relaxation Circle to wait for your therapist to welcome and care for you. Your entry into this Relaxation Circle begins your slowing down. The soft gray chairs beckon you to let them take all the weight off in their perfect hold. Relaxing behind the beads, you’re encircled in an ambiance of peace and tranquility. Drink it in. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne and snack.

While you wait

This luxurious pampering makes waiting a pleasure you don’t want to end. A signature indulgence created by Sunlighten Day Spa, it’s a special touch we love to give all of our guests who book skin care and massage treatments (sauna sessions not included). You feel like royalty as you gaze down at the pool of delicate pink and white petals floating on the warm water around your ankles. This first relaxation touchpoint is a treat for your feet that seems to pull the stress right out of the body and infuse the softness of the rose blossoms into your whole body.

Access world-class wellness

Our name derives from our parent company, Sunlighten, the global leader in infrared technology with offices in 13 countries, headquartered right here in Overland Park. Sunlighten has been committed to leaving the world a healthier place for nearly 25 years. Connie and Aaron Zack had watched infrared light transform her brother’s life and committed their lives to making infrared available to help others have access to this amazing tool to help people become healthier.

They were pioneers in the alternative wellness industry, innovating patented SoloCarbon® heating technology to create the most emissive (highest quality and quantity) infrared to provide maximum effectiveness for the human body. Sunlighten is the only infrared sauna company in the world that owns the manufacturing process from design to delivery, meaning the same great care for every detail we have here at the spa is found in Sunlighten saunas.

Health and wellness experts, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dave Asprey, Ari Whitten, JJ Virgin, and Betty Rocker, love Sunlighten saunas as well as national influencers such as Oprah, Dr. Oz, Ellen Degeneres and The Doctors who have showcased Sunlighten saunas. It’s been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Town & Country, Well+Good, People, Muscle & Fitness, and other publications.

You can become healthier through this incredible technology here. Sunlighten Day Spa opened in 2008 because Connie and Aaron were passionate about our community and wanted a place where people in their hometown could experience, enjoy, and benefit from Sunlighten’s technology.

Each cabin at our spa sits in a private nook and offers six different programs to deliver a mix of three infrared wavelengths and specific health benefits: detoxification, anti-aging, cardio, pain relief, weight loss and relaxation. Your experience also includes chromotherapy (balancing visible light) and Acoustic Resonance Therapy (beneficial sound vibration). Our goal is to help you feel better so you can do more of what you love, with the people you love, and live fully.